Beret beret beret! The tide people like to wear!

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Speaking of the most suitable hat for girls in autumn and winter? I think the beret must be short-listed. Joker doesn't pick up the face, it's easy to carry, and the style is full... it's hard to refuse.

From 16 years of Gucci's literary retro to the 17-year show Dior pointed his attention to it, and then continue to change the pattern in the show this year, the beret can be described as the true love of the fashion circle.


In the 18ss show that just finished, Dior pushed the beret with a layer of black yarn on the outside, which is more retro and elegant, with a bit of sexy mystery.


▲Dior spring 2018

In fact, this is one of the favorite costumes of European aristocrats in the last century. For the European nobility who has no hats, the tulle with a tulle is not too grand and exaggerated, but it is also exquisite, so it is often taken. Come out everyday.


Of course, the most exciting thing about the cake is the 17-year show, which is the season that was being sold at that time. The combination of the star-length skirt and the black leather beret is so good! The model is simply a fairy.


So this 6k+ beret became a hot spot, no matter whether it was a street shooter or a star.

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